[Part II]

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There are property more wild than Hell
and its demons, it's called, expedience.

[Prior to the encounter that was nearly to rob place, Siren had interpreted her mother's stiff and within a moments example bound up it to ashes in a urn, inside the compass of the coffin area; thus, to thieve it hindmost to her celestial body. She put it into a negligible carrier bag and trussed it onto her belt.]

The chilly for affray went up and trailing inside her spine, and inside the connective tissue of her bones, it clung to her marrow, inside her spinal column, a vicious chill, a coldness that was intoxicating, it came out of her face-reeking, wacky as it was, for her it was enthralling:

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"I consciousness I've been in battles before," she murmured to her Army of Twenty. Now she was superficial at Agaliarept, and his one-hundred plus acephalous warriors repute by the total admission money that head to the port and to its boats that brought in the souls of the dead, the infernal alcoholic beverage to be sectioned off and oriented present and here for the proposed tyranny.

"Comin'?" she said, not certain way she said what she said, she was as if, as if attractive directives from a sound masked way backmost filling her cranial, it even sounded familiar, maybe her female parent ambitious the arguments of management upon her. Agaliarept freshly looked, and looked, and gazed and looked, almost dumbfounded, this was unheard of in hell, a revolt, but consequently Siren was not of the human race, she was not question to the said rules: '...how could she fighting next to us?' was saltation in his mind, Agaliarept's mind, '...she must have thing up her sleeve?' But she was not human, she was not diabolic she was antithetical than all the creatures inside this underground orbit.

He was a mistrustful demonic-being if ever one was, yes he was not Satan's Henchman for nothing; so Agaliarept in recent times stood his ground; it seemed suchlike for hours, but it was but a few records. He noticed Siren was not pinched or aimlessly questioning what to do, she had a plan, least or thumping she had an ongoing plan, by some means someone was tutoring her on the spot: if he knew anything he knew article language, and the nature of belongings. So location was no grief on her face-she was guilt free, next to not an ounce, not even an smidgen of consternation on her face; nor dread of death, those kinds of frustrations the military group race on, psychologically show business on its enemies; Agaliarept knew she was dangerous; or she was putt on a upright concert he conjured next to a second contemplation.

Said Agaliarept:

"I cognize the Manticore, and Aznar were the bribable ones in this figment of your imagination of horror, your mother underwent on their behalf, and I really can't do overmuch roughly it, though I will inform them it was not to my liking, but I springiness you my word, should you go now, you go in peace, exit this class piece you can!"

A voice in her cranium was pounding, throbbing-as if any one was rhythmical on a drum: '...no, no, no-demons lie, as much as giants eat.' So Siren contend a deception next to her external body part features, she gave a petite smile, a thought, as she looked up a at him to make clear she was provoking to put property together, once she only had put them equally. At this time, the total seaport was sounding at these two groups: thinking: what was going on here? Can this crop up in hell, rebellion? They were central stage: Agaliarept after looked ended at Aznar, effort angrier for putt him in a defences of compromise.

The Battle

As the engagement was about to start, Agaliarept detected her men appeared to point her next to profound respect, for such as a undersized term of time; obsequiousness that said they'd walking out with her, or if not, they'd do all blessed snake pit in Hell. To be frank, he didn't look-alike the looks of belongings. Like all demons, thieves, and so on, they all poorness the power on their side, and once in attendance is feeling in this area, nearby is an dread to pursue a incurable course, and this is what was attractive place: Agaliarept had to have example to think, this was not normal, this was the preliminary event in his career, in 7000-years that specified a destruction given himself. It was a disaster, and he was not precooked for it.

As Agaliarept looked at respective of the 20 odd sounding beings trailing Siren (odd looking because he had not seen them before, and was nearly new to sighted his nice or earthlings for the peak piece), she aforementioned something: kindred to a spell: and seven two-headed mortal toxic snakes appeared in their safekeeping. That even affected Agaliarept, he raised his eyebrows. Who was he treatment with? He initiative more and much on his, what would be his side by side operation. Here on earth, Hell and demons were the differing forces of mankind, but now things were different, these beings were Moiromma citizens, highly contagious to agreement with; the sacred writing of this realm did not check them near charming spells; she had privileged gifts from her mother's birthplace, member of her heritage from Asteroid-Ice Cap, it gave her magic or otherworldly gifts, look-alike them. Agaliarept did not rob that into consideration, but during the several months Jokaneen was sporadic in the coffin, she did.

Then she radius another spell (and next she knew, she was the new futurist of Moiromma, for Tfarcevol who had used up his lives), and once she support the last word, several more of her armament, became three oriented dogs. Hell was lining hell's float itself; all the creatures were hissing, no fearfulness of the monstrous headless men, who Agaliarept consideration would blunt them; if anything, Siren gave a smirk that yawning up Agaliarept's sentiment heavy as a mans head, he took it as an insult; as she required him to: yes, yes, she aforesaid in her minds eye, get him wroth and he will miss his close attention to fighting a immaculate struggle.

The rest of the men, on next to Siren, force out rough weapons, knives -rough crafted stilettos, and sculptured well-defined seed daggers. Then she said something, something that made Agaliarept reason in horror, shock, and terror:

"With these knives, whoever should touch the blades will be type into the stone blocks of the gateway, and turn fossilised. They had all seen too many wonders to not appropriate this intense. Yet Agaliarept's wholeness was at stake, his individuality was becoming disorientated on what to do and even if here was a way out of this mess-could he return it. This was not how it was speculate to be, but then, here was a unseeable control among satanic forces, to just buy and sell beside earthlings, and souls brought in from the opencast (since usually they could not move out its attractive force), no one had ever away forgotten this and brought rearmost creatures or even specimens of surroundings from remaining vivacity forms: and particularly those that had, or may have had more than spiritual powers than they, or indistinguishable to theirs, or even various ones. In essence, Agaliarept knew the two whom brought them final [Aznar and the Manticore], and had wished they'd had through their school assignment on the premise a lot better, and what could he say something like the beatific renegade: Amasras'-it was a job for Lucifer, for he was a moment ago a demon, not a vigorous archangel.

Siren then freckled Aznar, he started to run, and Siren threw her blade, her chromatic gouge at his spine, and once it struck him, propulsion into his vertebrae, it split it connatural to a cow individual cut accessible from top to bottom, and past he fell, he was stereotype into the granite kernel walls of the movable barrier. He was no much than a conscious fossil, from that flash on; Agaliarept, successive his men to have their heads set rear on their necks, and they appeared as if they were simply concealed.

Three men of Agaliarept's Army ran toward the disarmed Siren, for it was both warrior's plan of action to annihilate the leader, in so doing departure the Army in hysterics. But until that time they reached her, the snakes jumped out of the custody of iii of Sirens soldiers and bite them individual modern times as they fell and disappeared into a mist, and reappeared, and disappeared again, resembling a phantasma. The bites could not kill; only disarm the spirit-filled beings.

Now the Manticore stepped out. He was a savage sounding being, and he knew this was genuinely his fight, and should he not fight, Agaliarept would business next to him later, and possibly Hell would be spared. As he stepped forward, the 3 headed doges ran to him chewing every inch of his article as if it was raw meat, he was in pain, and as in a minute as the dogs stopped, his wounds started to restore to health immediately, but then the dogs could gnaw eternally if necessitate be, but they hesitatingly waited to see his side by side move; but his power was not much, he could not clash the dogs again, solitary drive them here and there, next he newly laid set and let the dogs bit and chaw and chew, and pull him isolated if have need of be, and they did again, and then affected vertebrae to Siren. Then Siren grabbed a seed stick from one of her men, and threw it at the Manticore, but he was stylish adequate to surge departure from the subject. Now Siren and Agaliarept caught all others eyes, and she again was disarmed. At that drastically moment, Agaliarept did something he brainwave he'd ne'er do, he kicked the core wound all over to Siren, and she picked it up, and jumped on the Manticore and drove it through his suspicion. And inside a moments clip he was form into the core entry that led into Hell's first movable barrier.

Said Agaliarept, "Where do we go from here?"

Replied Siren (with a determined hushed sound) "This is your world and your domain, my female parent is delighted next to my victory, her return is complete, I will go, should you try to thwart me, we'll last part the fight." There was not and onetime of area to handle the substance. He never replied by voice, but weakly out of use his sentiment and they went to the enclosure area, sequent various devil to get out of their boats, Agaliarept once again not doing anything but pendulous his cranium 'yes,' to get rid of them, right nonexistent them gone, and gone for correct. And so they jumped in the largest boat, all cramped, and that was the ending Hell had seen of the Moirommalit's.

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