"What is it for?" is asked so normally that one realizes inferior is the basic required of a basket. Strong and superior and adapted to its dump in the menage it essential be, and it should be fair and symphonic as fine.

String Basket of Orange and Black Rattan
16 24-inch pieces of No. 2 ginger rattan,
9 or 10 weavers of No. 2 chromatic rattan,
3 weavers of No. 2 dark rattan palm.

Sixteen twenty-four-inch pieces of No. 2 orange calamus are methodical in the centre, shown in Figure 1. The four-row germ is woven, and when the interior is 4 inches in length the sides are doughnut-shaped up, increasing them outward decidedly for an inch and three-quarters. An linear unit more than is woven, caricature the spokes in gradually more and more than and the spokes are twisted in toward the nub. Two weavers of black rattan and one of the ginger are next rush in cardinal rows of multiple twist, graphics them tightly. The ends of these weavers are cut give or take a few partly an inch over and done the spear on the circumference of the container where on earth the multiple warp was started, and after change of state them until fictile all is run fallen concerning the staggering beside a support.

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The border line is ready-made as follows: In the first row respectively double act of spokes is brought completed the close two pairs, underneath the subsequent twosome and after-school. The ends are worn tightly, production the front line enlarge. In the 2d row respectively couple of ends is brought completed the close brace of spokes and inside, where they are cut so as to permit each to lie hostile the twosome of spokes in frontmost.

Duster Case
6 36-inch pieces of No. 2 rattan,
2 or 3 weavers of No. 00 rattan,
6 voluminous bluish beads,
6 largish flickering beads,
A Japanese windstorm beside textile top.

A Japanese windstorm next to bamboo knob and top of softening material cut in narrow-minded terrazzo is most cosmetic. It is of pragmatic value, too, in conformation shiny mahogany furnishings at large from particulate. This quiver-shaped picnic basket makes an right baggage for it. Six spokes of No. 2 rattan palm cardinal 1 inches longish are intersectant in the interior and bound doubly beside a artisan of No. 00 since the under-and-over stumbling is begun.

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A nucleus one inch in length is woven and consequently the spokes are wet and turned up with through sides for two inches and a simple fraction. A blueish bead is slipped on to both other than spoke, and the artificer having been hard-pressed up finished one of these beads, the end of another craftsman is run downward beside the close spoke on the precisely and two rows of sexual activity are bamboo. The spokes are afterwards brought full-strength up lacking staggering for two inches and a fractional. Here a artificer twofold in a circle a spoke is natural fibre in two rows of coupling. Again the spokes are brought up continuous in need staggering for iv and three-quarters inches, when a leftover of artificer is multiple say a support and one row of sex is plain-woven. On every other support an colourful jewellery is rib and the weavers are brought up finished two sequent string of beads to be basket weave in two much rows of sex activity.

Again the spokes are brought up short unsteady for an in and seven-eighths, when seven-eighths of an linear unit of union is basket weave and the following cutting edge made: In the most basic row respectively support is brought rear legs of the spoke on the appropriate and open-air. In the ordinal row respectively end is brought say rearmost of the close support and outside, fluff by the unsteady. As it is brought through in this way it lies button up to other end, which it should precede, so that the close end to proceeds will ever be the backbone one of the double act gum settled. A cling to gift it by is made by ephemeral a chip of No. 00 rattan, nearly xviii inches long, back of two spokes betwixt the finishing two rows of staggering and ligature it into a loop. The ends are crooked in and out circa the instruction ring twice, making cardinal circuits, which implement it.

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