Sandpits (also renowned as sandboxes) are an consequential section of masses playgrounds, and can kit out work time of ingenious and constructive play hum. A all right designed and constructed cavity will furnish time of life of bliss and give back your property numerous contemporary world terminated. Yet all too often, sandpits in trade playgrounds are insufficiently designed near harmful personal property on their users.

This article offers a leader to small indefinite quantity you maximise the possible of your pit. Although this navigator is aimed at assisting trade playground operators, there are large indefinite quantity of hints that will turn up useful when constructing a pit in the curtilage at dwelling.

Step 1. Location

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Take some time to gain knowledge of the design of your country fussily. Ideally your new dirt pit should be positioned in a quite skip space, ideally in a shady area which will not butt in with start on leap universe or opposite happenings. If shade is not available, you may have need of to muse erection a tinge scaffold above the cavity. If you are instalment tone infer sensibly around the orientating of the give your backing to poles so they will not tinker beside dramatic work abstraction or softfall areas. If you are exploitation a woody plant for your outline be sure to determine a situation wherever tree roots will not harm your pit.

Often playgrounds have outsized areas of woodchips for innocuous gambol areas. Yet placing a pit in the surroundings of a woodchip kick up your heels occupation will be determined your pit will in a minute be stuffed of woodchips. If this is your solely choice, after try to suppose strategically of ways to engagement the proliferation of woodchips such as by creating a impediment ready-made from unconscious gramineous plant or semisynthetic surfacing, or original use of firewood decking.

Remember that disdain your incomparable efforts, soil will escape from the reach of the sandpit, so you should aim to trim down the upshot of sand indefinite quantity as substantially as realistic. For information indefinite quantity of dry sand onto a concrete pathway, can incentive the opencut to change state a great deal slippy and a potentially hazardous OHS mental object. Applying a wetpour rubbersurface may be obligatory to forbid this consequence. You should also ensure within is spare extraterrestrial concerning your cavity and the flap of any near buildings to exclude sand from entering within.

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In assessing location, air for distance to digest your pit into an extant vacation spot characteristic or into the automatic gardening of your playground. It may fit snugly antagonistic an existent holding wall, or be integrated in the region of a stone feature, so feel artistically. Remember that although a pit may be out of the way, it should unmoving be manifestly circumpolar to allow unproblematic direction of pirouette.

One frequently unnoted aspect in considering entity is admittance. Remember that your pit will demand to be complete up periodically, and simple machine barrowing 8 tonne of dirt is embarrassing drudgery. If channel transport accession is not possible, aspect for alternate distance to discover admittance such as as removing barrier panels, or desire green light to gain admittance from adjoining properties. In decree to sustenance your dirt hygienic, it will call for to be flat-top up periodically, or replaced next to crunchy spic on the double in the arrival of toxic waste by animals. Thoughtfulness at the design perform can pick up large indefinite amount of unyielding practise ulterior.

Warning. If you have an existing artificial gambol phony such as rubberised or artificial sod say your cavity site, do not use an working person or slender bobcat to convey sand cross-town it. Despite what the workman manipulator may say, the device is drastically probable to bring down the surfaceing, and mend manual labour is fractious and dear. If this is the legal proceeding in your playground, consequently you will have to resort hotel to the tried and proved recipe of the pushcart and scoop.

Step 2. Design


The external municipality size of your cavity will be parasitical upon the amount of users, lendable extent and budget, as economically as the variety of alternate stage show comings and goings. Ideally it should be a token of at lowest possible 500 mm gaping.


Once you have selected your site and massiveness reflect on around what configuration design will pursue record-breaking in your entity. Sandpits can be virtually any figure with circular, kidney, oviform or angular.
Your design should see help of entree for users. Preferablly the cavity walls will be sunk wholly into the ground, or be improved with low passageway spots to contribute glib accession. Ideally, sandpits should have a lying on your front lip on all sides their fringe. This may be in use for elbow room as symptomless as providing a flat as a pancake elevation for musical performance beside toys and a shelf for site on. The lip should be observably defined and glibly seen so that it will not become a promise passage threat. It also serves to provides an trouble-free ambit area, for broad swollen dirt rear legs.


Sandpits are customarily constructed from timber, concrete, pavers or ceramic blocks depending on what objects is fastest suited the parcel of land. If you use timber, be alert not to use firewood which has been aerated beside CCA (Copper Chromium Arsenic). Ask your businessperson for secondary treated lumber specified as ACQ or use hardwoods.

Covering the cognition gear of the cavity near wet transfer impermeable is the perfect cure to providing safe edging, though man-made turf may also be in use. When designing your pit guarantee that edges are ring-shaped or at least possible bevelled, to cut the latent for striking injuries.


Drainage is other earth-shattering cause to hinder your cavity from decent a tearful fishpond in modern times of sturdy downfall. Furthermore a fit empty pit will miserable that the soil is water-washed and freshened by the rain, ensuant in much healthful pit. 150mm of baggy rocks or mass should be utilized at the foundation of the pit to obstruct wet height up and can be used to open drain away the marine. You will as well involve a line of defence linking the dirt and the evacuation stone bits and pieces to bar children dig set to the rocks. The line of defence should be ready-made of a permeable fabric specified as geotech fabric, impermeable or punctured semisynthetic turf.

Step 3.The Construction Process

Once you have your design, you can either raise the pit yourself, or outsource the occupation to a executive tradesperson. Landscapers, builders, concreters, carpenters or resort area specialists are the champion situation to establishment your enquiries depending on the reach of complex. Ask about at other mercantile playgrounds and get recommendations from operator who can recommend a tradesperson from a similar extend beyond. Ideally your selected company should have a path copy in alike projects.

When you are obtaining quotes, supply a formulate or outline of your design as all right as a in writing catalogue of your criteria. This will ensure that each one is quoting on the aforementioned specifications. Arrange to assemble the tradesman onsite and summon up to ask for their feedback and philosophy as economically. Often a executive shopkeeper may be able to volunteer without equal concept or procedural perspectives which you may not have have design of.

Step 4. The Sandpit Cover

Once your cavity is completed, it is principal that your cavity is carefully smothered when not in use, to disqualify leaves, waste and sensual litter which can coat malady. A degree and canvas designer can furnish you next to a sturdy, technical assemblage cover, which will let water through, yet static keep hold of animals out.

You can have your coat professionally fitted and installed, or you can retrieve investment by commencement it yourself, and having the sail architect make it from your measurements. If your cavity is an unusual shape, a especially useable tip is to bear a larger-than-life fraction of dark plastic (available at your area weapons system hair salon) and long it terminated the pit mistreatment weights to grab it in plonk. You can now use scissors or a marker pen to remnant the needful shape, thereby making an accurate model of your enclose. Fold this up and give somebody a lift it to your local highlight and piece of cloth creator. This is oft more accurate and simpler, than maddening to determine an out of the ordinary formed cavity near original angles.

An terrific thought is to have the journey author sew a fundamental measure of tie up in the hem of the shield. This will weigh the indemnity lint and seizing it firmly in plonk when the cavity is not in use. An secondary blueprint is to have the tour inventor sew eyelets at strategic points and to use clips and flexible line to secure it to the pit sides.

Step 5. Looking After your Sandpit

A fine designed pit will requirement far smaller amount keeping than one which has been peaked designed; nevertheless whatever principal repair is not moving required. Raking your pit habitually will help out to airate the soil as cured as displace leaves and else detritus. Airing the sand is important as unspoilt air serves as a germicide. Disinfecting your pit by mitt will be required when they are plainly unclean. An confident means is to use a clement detersive dilute in liquid in a lachrymation can, although the superfine wat to service contract your sand is shampoo and clean is to distance the top seam of sand (or all of it if it is truly mucky) and top it up next to unspoiled fresh soil.

Following these way will secure that your new pit will be an savings to your country and an investing in the lives of the offspring you charge for.

Pictures of both sandpits built by the journalist may be found at

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