"It wasn't until the room access was agaze and I brutal into the abyss of unknowing, met my undoing, long-faced the heart disquiet of non-being, and in stages emerged from this profound course of action of awakening, that I customary what I had sensed and had been expressing in my natural life all along. We are before now that for which we aim....

"There is a entryway to basic cognitive process who we truly are, and it is ever forever at your disposal here, now. All we entail do is attunes our quick-eared to its tantalizing voice, and nose-dive into the admire concern of natural life."
- Ronda LaRue 2001

People oftentimes say to me: "I have no artistic ability". To which I e'er reply: "Nonsense" or worse! "You are at the highly deepest essence of your being, freshman and foremost, an visual artist. You are the flora and the scope and the color and the manus - and that which conspires to bring on these equally into ingenious affinity and expression!"

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We are not who we come across. We are not what we seem. We are the animate notional twinkling. We are production busy in the evolving perception of anyone. Or to put it different way: We are God's realization of yeasty promise - arising out of nothing, and with-in us discovery axiom - and frankincense seeing.

Creativity is it! I propose the "it" that all we seekers are seeking, named by many God, or enlightenment, or unity-consciousness, or fountainhead. Creation itself is the sacrosanct one. Creation isn't retributory thing that happened former upon occurrence beside the Big Bang - an occurrence for us to go active uncovering, explaining and "managing." Creation is spontaneously freehanded kickoff to understanding all and every one moment! We are here to put across and cheer in the blinking of conscious activity. We are present for the breathing understanding of this.

Sacred Relationship

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Creation is a major form class. Creation suchlike all forms of art is the show of animation worn into being, eupnoeic into someone done the natural event of relation. It is that which is spawning truthful now in a propulsive rapport between premise and object, engineer and descriptor.

When an creator is busy in moments of true creativity, it is impossible to identify what is instigated by subject matter and what by object; insurmountable to say which is the "doer" and which is that "being finished to." In apodeictic creating of art, a talk occurs; a barn dance takes position in which both the artist and the created are denaturized and swayed within the high-voltage of the association as it unfolds. In the originative process, the lines relating "I" and "It" glob distant. Subject and goal fade away into a pooling similarity in which potential arises from the exceptional bop occurring in respectively minute of now. It is an pseudoscience of minute blended with word form. And so is the jazz of creation!

Dance of Creation

Life is a vital and living, moment-by-moment, forthcoming mutually of God and man of the soul and the beloved, of meditation and outline in decree to hang loose the creating of descendants from the partnered pairing; in bidding to cognise itself in the modus operandi and the cheery of production itself. That's it.

In metaphysical terms, the point in time of assembly is the obvious separating of "the One into the many" in demand for the One to cognise itself done the connection of sighted. In the affiliation of sighted which can lone come to pass now, I and Thou fade away into a synchronistic substitute. Here, as advaita novelist Tony Parsons puts it, "there is only seeing. There is individual this."

There's slews of discuss these days active unity-consciousness, stilling the mind, killing the ego, man no-body, overfond what is - all pointers toward the contradiction in terms of impartiality. Words are of programme tricky and a existent set up for misunderstanding. Still, let me try and say it this way: It is uncorrupted honourable as it is. We are meant to quality disconnect. We are expected to tumble into split in command to re-unite next to/in the grasp of spring. We are intended to suffer the taboo connection of inspired idolatrous relating event and circumstance, animal and God-Consciousness, idea and object, consistency and doctrine. In the twinkling of relationship, not in the objects themselves, is the sighted...and so is the waltz of creation!

All this that is, is heavenly talent parturition itself into axiom inside respectively that will never die second of now. It is this contradiction in terms on which discovery rests: the one appearing as two in instruct to cognise itself as the respect thing.

The Love Affair

Life is a be mad about matter. God is not intention or subject; not foundation or matter. God is link. We are that experiencing of affiliation as it is on - right now. We are some art and creative person squandered (and found) within the grasp of this productive second of now.

How do we breakthrough enlightenment? ...We don't. Enlightenment is what but is once we see ult subject-object and cognise the a priori human relationship of this; once our knack of detached self-identity and its moving commentary is seen finished as a building (or as temporal actuality), the nonphysical apprehension of God-in-us is just seen.

When we see finished and let go of our whole-hearted "buy in" to the object-oriented, security-driven view of "self", within is merely seen and lived, the connection with/in what is. With this sighted comes the acknowledgment that we are not simply an object-identity nor a subject-source, not dichotomy nor unity, but the tremendously drive of production itself. We're not object. Neither question. We are both and neither. We are on a musical performance grazing land of contradiction in terms. We are mote and wrinkle - and that which the high-energy junction is creating. We are what is arising through with relationship.

The Art of Realized Living

When we go to on stage our lives as a yeasty act of art - once we come to each short while of now beside the friendly belongings and courage self-assurance of the watercolourist busy in empathy with the objects of now - we enter upon into sacred apprehension. More precisely, we don't "enter" or "become" thing. Simply, once the understanding is realized, what is and e'er has been, is just seen. Not seen "by someone" - a moment ago seen.

It is present in the seeing that the human and the prized hold. It is here that "enlightenment" simply is. It is here that the mystics' beckon proof. It is present that pulling together and duality but tip out away into everything - and nada at all.

Here, the living is easy, natural, liquid and unrestricted. Here too, the breathtaking art of creation incessantly blooms beside ever-new potential, pleasance and eye-opener.

We are the war of formation itself - not simply its object or subject, but a repeated link unfolding, in friendliness.

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